Finch advises and supports mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, joint ventures, private equity and venture capital financing and strategic alliances as well as taking care of post-closing processes. Below an overview in chronological order of all disclosed transactions in which Finch advised.

MPO – 2022 – Sale to Kinaxis, Inc. (Canada)

Finch Strategy Services and Wim Heijting have provided us with outstanding value in the multiple company lifecycle stages of MPO. MPO has become a leading global cloud platform for supply chain orchestration (SaaS), recognized by customers, analysts and investors. Wim acted as board member, helped us raise US growth capital (from Updata Partners) and was our advisor in the acquisition by Kinaxis, a North American listed company. He simply is an authority when it comes to growth strategy, M&A, and investment transactions, always with a heart for warm relationships.

August 2022 – Martin Verwijmeren, co-Founder & CEO and Paul van Dongen, co-Founder & CTO (

coMakeIT – 2021 – Sale to Xebia (Netherlands)

In selling our company, we wanted to strike the right balance between finding the proper buyer, and securing that it would create good opportunities for our people to further speed up the companies’ growth.
Having known Wim and his track record for many years, it was an easy choice for us to ask him to manage the whole process for us.

Wim not only managed to find the right buyer, but also carefully guided us through the entire process to create the desired outcome we wanted.
An M&A process like this, can be very complex. Wim made it look easy by making filtering out what is important, and what not. Guiding the negotiation process into the result we wanted.

It was a pleasure working with him, and we are looking forward to a possible next opportunity!

May 21, 2021 – Steven ten Napel, Co-Founder & CEO, Kiran Madhunapantula, Co-Founder & COO

Xebia – 2020 – Private Equity financing by Waterland (Netherlands)

We know Wim already for a long time and he is our trusted advisor. Wim is gifted to make complex things simple and is able to maneuver you thru a transaction, diplomatic if it is needed but also a clear talker when the situation requires this. He always has been a great help and support to us.

December 2020 – Daan Teunissen, CEO & Michel den Braver, CFO (

Eyefreight – 2020 – Sale to Elemica (USA)

A deal is a deal when the contract is signed and the money is in the bank, right? This does not sound very complicated but when it comes to selling your company it actually is. A lot of things need to happen before that money hits the bank and if you do not have an experienced and independent advisor next to you, you might well end up with less than the possible outcome. Wim advised us when selling Eyefreight and more-over guided us through the whole process from the strategy through to the signing and closing. A sale is like a bumpy road with a lot of obstacles. The guidance Wim gave on how to avoid the obstacles or how they could be dismantled was valuable. In that Wim also proved to us he is a good navigator that keeps concentrating on the outcome and managing the (often) complicated process.

January 2020 – Gert Jan Jansen op de Haar, Managing Director & Founder Eyefreight B.V.

MaxGrip – 2019 – Sale of Asset+ to Aveva (UK)

When a strategic buyer approached us to acquire our software operations, we engaged with Wim to represent us during the whole M&A process. Carving out our software operations and closing a deal was a complicated process, during which Wim gave us excellent guidance. Wim managed to keep the spirit high throughout the whole process that, as always, had its ups and downs. Always keeping the deal in mind resulted in a great result for all stakeholders. It was a pleasure to work with Wim, and have him as our trusted M&A advisor.
April 2019 – Jakob Boelens, CEO MaxGrip B.V. (

Target Holding – 2019 – Sale to Volt Investment (USA)

Wim Heijting, helped us with the sale of the company Target Holding (now Slimmer AI!). He was very well informed and had a good knowledge of the market. He managed the process in a pleasant and constructive way. In the process he made for us the difference because of his analytical and structured approach combined with excellent communication skills and out of the box thinking.

March, 2019 – Edward van der Meer CEO Triade & Corina Prent, CEO RUG Ventures B.V. (

Close – 2018 – Venture Capital financing by Disruptive Technology Ventures (Netherlands)

Close – 2018 – venture capital primary financing
We met Wim through a mutual contact begin of 2018 and asked him to help us with fundraising. Wim played several roles during the process of getting Close funded: preparing our pitch for investors, practicing the pitch by meeting investors within his network, introducing us to some major venture capital and private equity funds in the Netherlands and the UK, providing very helpful advice during the negotiations with our investor. Being a very ambitious company we expected a lot from him and he exceeded expectations!

December 2018 – Kiliaan Toorenaar, Co-founder & CEO (

Inforay International – 2018 – Sale to Reports (Netherlands)

Wim very much helped me as Chief Executive Officer to get all the insights and understanding to close the deal with Reports B.V. Structuring the process, who’s doing what and saying what and when. Wim very much controlled the speed, was optimistic, always tried to find a solution and gave me the necessary space to enter in private discussions with potential buyers. He was realistic and dedicated until the end.

May 2018 – Rein Vehmeijer, CEO & Founder Inforay International B.V. (

Screen Info Match – 2018 – Sale to TRGRP (USA)

January 2018, Finch acted as advisor to Screen Holding B.V. in its sale of Screen Group B.V. to Boston based TRGRP, Inc.

VitalHealth Software – 2017 – Sale to Philips (Netherlands)

We engaged with Wim to manage the entire process of selling our company. So Wim supported us in the sale of VitalHealth Software to Royal Philips N.V. (Koninklijke Philips N.V.), which was a pretty complicated sales and negotiation process, for many months we worked closely together, at times day and night. Don’t think anybody would have done a better job!

December 2017 – Laurens van der Tang, CEO & Co-founder VitalHealth Software Group, Inc. (

Recruitee – 2017 – Management buy in to Founders (Netherlands)

Venture funding can be a jungle. It was a true pleasure having Wim as our guide. Wim brought years of experience to the table and he has an extensive network in venture capital. Not only is he a trustworthy advisor and mentor, he’s also highly flexible and capable to adjust in the ever-changing world of venture funding. It turned out that instead of raising capital, we did a management buy-in. And Wim supported us all the way. We enjoyed working with him much, and we’d like to thank him for all the learnings.

November 2017 – Perry Oostdam, Co-founder & CEO Recruitee B.V. (

SOA People – 2017 – Acquisition of Cormeta (Germany)

June 2017, Finch acted as exclusive advisor to SOA People S.A. ( with its acquisition in Germany of Cormeta AG.

WCC Smart Search & March – 2016 – Sale of majority interest to Avedon Capital (Netherlands)

In July 2016 we were approached, somewhat unexpectedly, by Avedon Capital Partners. They expressed a very sincere interest in WCC. After several initial conversations we felt great chemistry with the people of Avedon. Their presentation about their vision with WCC won us over to the point that we decided to have exclusive conversations.

As we had worked with Wim Heijting before, he was our first choice to help us through the process. Early on we developed our set of priorities, to guide us in the conversations with Avedon. Our first priority was a shared excitement about the future of WCC, followed by the need for the acquirer to provide a good home for WCC, in particular its staff, customers and partners. The price point only came third. Typical advisors only try to maximise valuation as they are on commission. We felt that Wim for us was the ideal ‘M&A advisor’ candidate as he had not only brokered transactions with Avedon before, but as we had trust in his integrity to honor our priorities.

During the whole process we benchmarked Avedon against our priorities and vice versa. Wim played a crucial role as he not only knows the process and can anticipate on it, but also at times where we as shareholders wanted to bail out he was able to convince Avedon to make a meaningful gesture that won us back in. The result was a well anticipated and friendly process. The transaction was successfully closed on December 14th 2016. The whole process took less than five months.

December 2016 – Peter Went, Co-founder & CEO, Mark Wegman, Co-founder & CTO of WCC Smart Search & Match (

MP Objects – 2016 – Venture Capital financing by Updata Partners (USA)

Wim Heijting is unique in bridging the worlds of European technology stars and American investment firms. As our trusted advisor he helped us raising growth capital from Updata Partners, a high quality US based VC. Wim is a great personality combing sharp reasoning, fast action, honest opinion, and great humor.

August 2016 – Martin Verwijmeren, Co-founder & CEO, Paul van Dongen, Founder & CTO MPO B.V. (

ID Checker – 2015 – Sale to Mitek (USA)

It has been a very delightful experience working with Wim. Wim has helped us to close the deal in less than 3 months and where we know for sure we would not have been able to get the deal done in that period of time without his help. He stayed close on the ball, always looking for win-win situations and played hardball if needed.

Due to Wim his experience and being at both ends of the table, he was able to support and help us and move us in the right direction. We would recommend Wim to anybody who has a need for someone to help with a M&A and we would rate Wim with 5 stars out of 5 if there was a rating system on Finch’s website :-).

May 2015 – Michael Hagen, Founder & CEO, Pierre de Boer, Co-Founder & CTO ID Checker.NL B.V. (

Forcare – 2015 – Venture Capital financing by Prime Ventures (Netherlands)

Securing strategic financing while building and running a business is a true challenge, as many can attest to. With that in mind, it was clear that we needed a true professional to help us complete our growth equity financing plans. Wim is the right man for the job – and he delivered on his promise. We set out on a 6 month plan, and we made it on the dot. Wim was instrumental in driving the process, acting as a strategic sparring partner, as well as handling the administrative chores. To sum it up: it has been a true pleasure working him, and his contribution was key to securing our financing round with Prime Ventures. Highly recommended.

April 2015 – Ir. Harm-Jan Wessels, Founder & CEO Forcare Holding B.V. (

CCS – 2014 – Private Equity financing by Avedon Capital (Netherlands)

Wim has the network and a great understanding of how the M&A game is played. He was loyal, dedicated and committed to our objectives even when they are contrary to his own benefits. These factors combined with his honesty made him instrumental in finding the right party and closing the deal.

December 2014 – Pieter-Paul Verbeek, CEO CCS BV (

XebiaLabs – 2014 – Venture Capital financing by Updata Partners (USA)

In our search for venture capital Wim has helped us a lot. His network and longstanding relationships with West European and US based venture capital firms were of great help and ultimately lead to the deal we did with Updata Partners. Wim managed the entire due diligence and legal process from A to Z allowing me as entrepreneur and founder to keep at distance and maintain overview. From the headline to the nity gritty details he was able to provide me the necessary insights and propose the various alternatives and options. At moments of sincere stress Wim kept at ease. Lastly, it has been just a great pleasure to work with him.

May 2014 – Daan Teunissen, Founder & Chairman XebiaLabs Group B.V. (

Innovation Factory – 2014 – Sale to KPMG (Netherlands)

Wim’s experience enabled crafting a deal structure that on the one hand aligned the forces of both parties and on the other hand made sure that our interests, being a small party in relation to the buyer, were safeguarded. He unraveled complicated statements and ensured that the interpretation was unambiguous. This made the resulting text clear for everyone and a good starting point for a fruitful cooperation. Apart from his knowledge and expertise, he is a very nice guy to work with and a person you can trust. Recommended!

May 2014 – Prof. Dr. Ir. Han Gerrits, Founder & CEO Innovation Factory B.V. (

Author-it – 2014 – Sale to Triview Publishing (New Zealand)

In 2013 we decided to acquire our primary European reseller and partner of ten years. We needed Dutch representation, so brought Wim Heijting in to help us. He came highly recommended, and we were not disappointed. Wim is very knowledgeable, very familiar with this type of transaction, and very experienced in the software sector. That combined with his local Dutch and international experience made the transaction go very smoothly. To top it all off Wim is a great person to deal with and I enjoyed working with him very much. We will continue to work with Wim on future transactions.

February 2014 – Paul Trotter, Founder & CEO Author-it Software Corporation (

Chainfood – 2013 – Venture Capital financing by Main Capital (Netherlands)

When I met Wim we already had a shortlist of potential growth capital investors. Wim supported us in the final selection and negotiation process, up until the closing. He is a great communicator and managed the whole process as the business went on. He has a deep understanding of IT, including SaaS business models. Thanks to Wim’s proactive attitude we successfully acquired the financial resources for our further internationalization.

December 2013 – Johan Zandbergen, CEO & Founder Chainfood B.V. (

Reasult – 2013 – Venture Capital by Newion Investments (Netherlands)

In 2013, Newion Investments acquired the interest of three of our five shareholders. On our behalf Wim Heijting researched the market for potential interested investors and provided several introductions which lead to Newion Investments becoming the acquirer. His knowledge of the investment market and his experience with these type of transactions has been fundamental to the success of this transaction. Wim has been guiding and managing the process from the beginning to the very end, all the way! His straight forward and open style made it a pleasure to work with him.

April 2013 – Aart J. Zandbergen MBA, Managing director Reasult B.V. (

Tvilight – 2013 – Venture Capital financing by PON Holdings (Netherlands)

Wim helped Tvilight raising financing from a reputed industrial group (PON Holding). He guided us starting from the early conversations through to the successful investment closure. Wim ensured that the investment process was structured, systematic and more importantly swift – which probably comes from his years of experience. Wim is an excellent negotiator who very well knows the boundaries and helps closing the transaction with a win-win situation. He is equally diligent and ensures that contracts are clean, in particular considering the long-term impact.

April 2013 – Ir. Chintan M. Shah, Founder & CEO Tvilight B.V. (

BlueConic – 2013 Venture Capital financing by Sigma Prime Ventures (USA)

As long term member of our Board of Advisors, Wim Heijting has been my trusted peer in all that really matters to the business. Wim understands what it takes to to turn an innovative idea into a company and turn a company into an industry-leading business. When starting the search for a VC in the USA, Wim was our obvious choice to guide the process. In every stage, from two-pager, pitch, selection of the right partner, drafting the term sheet, doing the due diligence, battling the lawyers to eventually closing the deal, Wim provided guidance in his typical style. Disciplined, pragmatic and straight forward. Bridging cultures and legal systems. Driven by results but always keeping the relationship going. Standing on Wim’s shoulders we never lost our target out of sight, succeeded to achieve our goals and had an occasional blast along the way. Getting our Series A in and moving our headquarters to Boston marks a major milestone in BlueConic’s evolution, without Wim I cannot imagine getting there so smoothly.

January 2013 – Bart Heilbron, Co-Founder & CEO BlueConic Holding, Inc. (

Flinqer – 2012 – Venture Capital financing by Newion Investments (Netherlands)

After a successful A-round financing in Flinqer’s early stage with Finch as corporate finance partner, to us it was a no brainer to engage with Finch for our B-round investment. Moreover since Finch/Wim has remained closely engaged with Flinqer after the A-round and advised me on a broad range of strategic, financial, governance and investor relations topics. Wim is definately not an advisor only, he’s a partner. His continuous belief in our company, as well as his network and broad rainmaking experience, has proven to be invaluable in the search and closing process of the B-round – a funding round which would not have happened without him.

June 2012 – Reinier Weerman, CEO Flinqer B.V. (

Bwise – 2012 – Sale to Nasdaq (USA)

On may 3rd 2012 Bwise was sold Nasdaq OMX in New York. This was a monumental event in the history of BWise. During the transaction process that started back in November of 2011 we used the services of Wim Heijting. Wim helped us to construct a deal that was beneficial for all parties involved. He helped in creating a good atmosphere and working relationship with the different (legal) teams around the world and was able to weigh all the different responsibilities and opportunities. He influenced, created and maintained trust and respect amongst the different stakeholders. Thanks to Wim we were able to successfully close the deal.

May 2012 – Robert Pijselman, Chief Executive Officer Bwise Holding B.V. & Dr. Ir. Luc Brandts, Chief Technology Officer & Founder (

SOA People – 2012 – Acquisition of Perfect for People (Netherlands)

On our behalf Wim Heijting researched the Netherlands market for appropriate acquisition targets, he did the first selections and interviews, introduced me to the potential acquisition candidates. Consequently he negotiated and drafted an Memorandum of Understanding, and further supported and negotiated the drafting of the necessary legal documents. Throughout this process Wim has displayed professionalism in all aspects, commitment and a fast and flexible mindset aiming to create the best transaction possible for its client.

January 2012 – Khalil Hodaibi, CEO & Chairman, SOA People S.A. (

Reasult – 2011 – Acquisition of division of Kadenza (Netherlands)

In 2011, Reasult bought the real restate software business of a competitor. Wim Heijting structured and supported the process, which has been completed in less than 5 months. His experience, creativity and intermediating skills have been of great importance in coming to a satisfying result.Wim has a straight forward way of deal making, which makes him a pleasure to work with. Having knowledge of finance, software, corporate finance and legal issues, I just had to hire Wim to support me in this deal.

November 2011 – Aart J. Zandbergen MBA, Managing director Reasult B.V. (

Flinqer – 2011 – Financing by informals (Netherlands)

As an early stage start-up company, we’re clearly of a different kind in Finch’ portfolio. Yet, due to Wim Heijting’s intrinsic interest and belief in us and our company, he helped us success fully close series A funding in May of 2011. In this matter, Wim has invaluable experience when it comes to the process, content, strategies and tactics. Besides, Wim has an incredible, relevant network, is a genuine sparring partner, highly reliable, sharp and sincerely a man of his word: he’s always there for you when needed.

June 2011 – Reinier Weerman, CEO Flinqer B.V. (

MP Objects – 2011 – Strategic Alliance (Netherlands)

“Wim Heijting guided MP Objects in closing a tough strategic deal. I really admire his strong strategic, commercial and legal skills, in particular him playing those cards simultaneously. His rich experience of the corporate software industry made him a true partner for our board discussions.”

May 2011 – Dr. Msc. Martin Verwijmeren, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, MP Objects B.V. (

Cordys – 2007 – Private Equity financing by Argonaut (USA)

Wim Heijting has lead the entire process of attracting a new investor which resulted into an US-based venture capital firm investing Euro 50m in our business in April 2007. From the first contact to the final closing Wim was in the lead and managed it in an effective and professional manner. His negotiation skills, hands-on mentality and structured approach during all stages of the process has lead to the wanted result.

April 2007 – Jan Baan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cordys Holding B.V. (

BWise – 2006 – Buy out majority shareholders & Venture Capital financing by NIBC Capital Partners (Netherlands)

Wim Heijting negotiated the management buy out of Bwise B.V. which successfully closed within 9 months. Wim always kept a clear head, particularly at critical stages in the negotiation process. Thanks to his integrity and his well-structured thinking Wim turned many ‘plates of spaghetti into a plate of asparagus’. Through his independent position as a consultant and his unbiased, objective understanding, Wim and thus Bwise were able to carefully construct a transaction that turned out to be rewarding for all parties involved. His legal background, his extensive experience of corporate transactions as well as his wide professional network have been crucial to the successful closing of our highly complex and dynamic management buy out.

August 2006 – Robert Pijselman, Chief Executive Officer Bwise Holding B.V. & Dr. Ir. Luc Brandts, Chief Technology Officer & Founder (

GX Software – 2006 – Buy out significant minority shareholder Boer & Croon (Netherlands)

Wim Heijting has successfully managed the entire restructuring of our shareholder base and skillfully negotiated an exit for one of the main shareholders. The restructuring and negotiation process was completed in less than 5 months. Wim is able to speed up the process, thanks to his extended network of professionals. Wim is a strongly focused professional, who clearly enjoys his work. His enthusiasm is transmitted to all people involved. His style is pragmatic and thorough, and always efficient. Owing to his personal involvement and his talent for empathy it’s a pleasure to do business with Wim.

May 2006 – Dr. Arnoud Verdwaald, Managing Director GX Holding B.V. (