About Finch

About Finch

Finch is an independent M&A and VC/PE financing advisory practice offering strategic expertise and advise primarily to Small and Medium Enterprises that want to maximise their growth and value.

Finch Corporate Strategy Services B.V. was founded late 2005 by Wim Heijting (1965). Wim holds a master degree in Business Law from Leiden University (the Netherlands) and completed the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD in 1999 (Paris).

Wim Heijting has had various CEO & COO positions in global and European businesses (Baan Company 1990-1999, Vanenburg Capital Management 2000-2002, Watermark 2002-2005, Cordys 2007-2008) giving him a wealth of hands-on operational and executive experience allowing him to understand the demands that operational and executive management is facing every day.

Wim Heijting has developed into a corporate and legal heavy weight in the global information technology industry since he started working in 1990: as General Counsel he has managed an IPO and Secondary Offering at NASDAQ and the AEX in 1995 and 1996 respectively, and actively managed and negotiated numerous cross border transactions (buy- and sell side M&A, Private Equity- and Venture Capital financing, strategic alliances) in more than 30 countries, ranging in value from €50k to €500m.

Next to his advisory activities for Finch, Wim Heijting is member of the following boards

  • StackState (Next-Gen Monitoring and AIOps), Non-Executive Director, www.stackstate.com
  • smartocto (Editorial Analytics System), Supervisory Board Member, www.smartocto.com
  • Xebia (Information Technology & Services), Strategic Advisor, www.xebia.com

Prior boardpositions

  • MP Objects (Supply Chain Software), Non-Executive Director from 2016-2022, sold to Kinaxis in August 2022, www.mp-objects.com
  • Bwise (Governance, Risk & Compliance Software), Chairman of the Supervisory Board from 2006-2014, sold to NASDAQ in May 2012, www.bwise.com
  • XebiaLabs (Dev Ops Software), Non-Executive Director from 2014-2017, sold to Susquehana Growth Equity and Accel in December 2017, www.xebialabs.com
  • GX Software (Content Management Software), Advisory Board Member from 2012-2018, www.gxsoftware.com
  • Noaber Ventures (Impact Investor), Special Advisor from 2014-2019, www.noaber.com
  • MaxGrip (Asset Management Software), Supervisory Board Member from 2013-2019, www.maxgrip.com