BlueConic – 2013 Venture Capital financing by Sigma Prime Ventures (USA)

As long term member of our Board of Advisors, Wim Heijting has been my trusted peer in all that really matters to the business. Wim understands what it takes to to turn an innovative idea into a company and turn a company into an industry-leading business. When starting the search for a VC in the USA, Wim was our obvious choice to guide the process. In every stage, from two-pager, pitch, selection of the right partner, drafting the term sheet, doing the due diligence, battling the lawyers to eventually closing the deal, Wim provided guidance in his typical style. Disciplined, pragmatic and straight forward. Bridging cultures and legal systems. Driven by results but always keeping the relationship going. Standing on Wim’s shoulders we never lost our target out of sight, succeeded to achieve our goals and had an occasional blast along the way. Getting our Series A in and moving our headquarters to Boston marks a major milestone in BlueConic’s evolution, without Wim I cannot imagine getting there so smoothly.

January 2013 – Bart Heilbron, Co-Founder & CEO BlueConic Holding, Inc. (