Flinqer – 2012 – Venture Capital financing by Newion Investments (Netherlands)

After a successful A-round financing in Flinqer’s early stage with Finch as corporate finance partner, to us it was a no brainer to engage with Finch for our B-round investment. Moreover since Finch/Wim has remained closely engaged with Flinqer after the A-round and advised me on a broad range of strategic, financial, governance and investor relations topics. Wim is definately not an advisor only, he’s a partner. His continuous belief in our company, as well as his network and broad rainmaking experience, has proven to be invaluable in the search and closing process of the B-round – a funding round which would not have happened without him.

June 2012 – Reinier Weerman, CEO Flinqer B.V. (www.flinqer.com)